Mix & tumble crypto to maintain your privacy

Protect your anonymity with the most straightforward tumbling service on the Ethereum network


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Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth
Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth
Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth
Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth
Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Mix with us


Ethereum isn’t anonymous by default. Everyone can see where your Ether is going to or coming from. The key is to hide which address belongs to you. That’s what we are here for.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth


Mixing your crypto with our services takes only a few minutes

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth


We don’t keep logs, you can mix your tokens in complete anonymity

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Low fees

Our fees are accessible because so should be privacy

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Tumbling ETH made easy

Our Mixer will help you protect your privacy

By using our service we will break the link between Ethereum addresses for you!

How it works

When you use our Ethereum Mixer for your funds the procedure is as follows.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Visit our mixer

In order to mix your tokens, visit and go to the Mixer page.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Send your ETH

After entering your desired recieving address, you will be provided with all related details to your mixing job.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

We mix it

As soon as you deposit your funds into the mixing pool, the mixing will begin.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Receive ETH back

Your funds will be automatically withdrawn to your address at the end of the mixing process.

Mixing services keep your privacy in check

We’ve allowed tausands of blockchain and DeFi users to stay anonymous on the public ledger, and we are still going.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Learn more

Visit our blog

Owning cryptocurrency goes beyond the hype. It’s about exercising your financial freedom. Mixing helps you do just that.


Still have questions?

Mixing your cryptocurrency can be quite a complicated matter. Read below some answers to the most common questions.

After receiving your Ether we will automatically send you Ether from our premixed pool to your desired address. With your first order, you will be provided with a mixing code. To prevent contact with your initially sent Ether in the pool it is important to keep this code and use it on the next mixing job.

Check out our manual for further information.

Its simple. In order to protect user data, we have a no-log policy. We do not keep any logs on mixing processes or any identifying personal data.

For every address generated from us, we take a fixed fee of 0.001 ETH and less than 2% of the total amount (after the fixed fee). The ‘less than 2%’-fee is randomly generated to prevent blockchain analysis based on the transaction amount.

Check out our fee calculator for further information.

After sending your Ether to the mixing pool it will take up to 5 minutes (12 block confirmations) for the mixed Ether to be sent to your receiving address.

You can also delay the process by using the time delay feature.

Our current minimum amount is 0.001 Ether. It is deducted as the fixed fee. Every Wei above gets mixed. Take a look at our fee structure.

During the mixing process the maximum available funds in the mixing pool will be shown.

Because privacy is a fundamental human right, using tools like a cryptocurrency mixer is perfectly legal. Funds used for purchases of illegal goods and services (e.g. darknet) or originating from illegal sources are prohibited from using this service. Always check your local jurisdiction and tax laws.

Ethereum Mixer - mix your eth

Let’s start mixing your Ether now

Your ETH transactions are not as private as you may think. Mix your tokens and keep your identity anonymous.