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New Decentralized Smart Contract Mixer

Utilizing zK-SNARK technology and Ethereum's Layer2 Gnosis Chain

Why mixing?

Ethereum isn't anonymous by default. Everyone can see where your Ether is going to or coming from. The key is to hide which address belongs to you. That's what we are here for. By using our service we will break the link between addresses for you! Read more about that process in our Blog.

How does it work?

After receiving your Ether, we will send you freshly premixed Ether from our reserve directly to the address you've given to us. Your old Ether will then be added to the reserve. Please enter your mixing code on your next order to keep your Ether separated. For further information, please take a look at our FAQ in our blog.

What are your fees?

We charge a straigt forward fee of 0.001 Ether per generated address and for security a randomized amount of under 2% on the remaining amount. If you mixed 1.001 Ether with us for example, you would receive at least 0.98 Ether. Feel free to use our fee calculator.