releases decentralized Ethereum smart contract mixer

from the Team on May 6, 2022

We’re glad to announce our new mixing soltuion. It utilizes Ethereum’s smart contracts and Gnosis Chain (formerly xDAI) as a Layer2 solution. Funds are mixed using zk-snark technology. Especially users who want to mix a larger amounts of Ether have benefits as the current upper mixing limit is over 4000 Ether. Gnosis Chain is used to keep the process fast and fees at a minimum. The mixing only takes up to a few minutes and requires two transactions. You can check the new mixer at We will release a detailed manual and more docs soon. Stay tuned. Here's a short introduction on how to use it.

Deposit Your Funds

The first step is to connect your Ethereum wallet through Metamask. After that you will see the current balance of your address. By depositing tokens into the pool, the chosen amount will come top up your balance and will be possible to withdraw to another wallet later on.

Withdrawing Process

To withdraw funds from your balance, you can either: choose from a set of four predetermined amounts (0.1, 0.3, 0.5 & 1 ETH) or choose a completely customized amount. To maintain your full privacy, choosing one of the four suggested amounts is strongly recommended as it will allow your withdrawal to blend with the crowd.