Frequently asked questions

from the Team on December 8, 2017

What is a timedelay for?

Having a timeframe between sending us your Ether and recieving the mixed Ether is another layer of security against blockchain analysis.

What is a mixing code for?

Take a look at the question "How does your mixer work?".

What is the letter of guarantee for?

Since we do not keep any logs we could ask for your letter of guarantee if you have any question related to your mixing order/transaction with us. You should always download and keep it until you recieve your mixed Ether.

Why shouldn't i send Ether directly from an exchange?

In case the Ether you sent didn't cover the fixed fee or you sent us more than we currently can mix the Ether will be refunded to the address it came from. Exchanges mostly use one single large "Hot wallet" to send out withdrawals customers requested.

How does your mixer work?

After recieving your Ether we will send you premixed Ether from our reserve to your new address. Your old Ether will be added to our reserve. With your first order you will recieve a mixing code. It is important to write this code down for using our service the next time so you wont get your old Ether back.

What is a blockchain analysis?

If you take out 9127$ out of your bank account and an hour later someone comes in and deposits 9127$ the bank could guess the money is somehow related. The same goes for the Ethereum blockchain. If the second person waited another 2 days and only deposited 9000$ it wouldn't be as obvious. For that reason we have a timedelay and a random fee.

What's your policy on logs?

It's simple. We do not keep any.

What's the maximum amount to mix?

On every order the currently max amount possible to mix with your mixing code will be shown.

What's the minimum amount to mix?

You have to send at least 0.001 Ether since that is our fixed fee per mixing order with us. Every Wei above gets mixed. Please take a look at the next question and our fee calculator.

What are your fees?

For every address generated from us we take a fixed fee of 0.001 ETH and less than 2% of the total amount (after the fixed fee). The 'less than 2%'-fee is randomly generated to prevent blockchain analysis based on the transaction amount.

What happens if less than the fixed fee gets sent to the generated address?

If the transaction value covers the transaction gas costs for sending it back we will return the sent Ether. Carefull: Generated addresses are valid for one transaction only! After the insufficent transaction the address wallet will be wiped from our server.

What happens if i send a second transaction to the generated address?

You're out of luck. Addresses only stay active for 48 hours or one transaction. Whichever occurs first.

How long does it take to mix my Ether?

After we recieve your Ether it will take up to 5 minutes (we're waiting for 12 block confirmations) for you to recieve your mixed Ether.

How can i reach out to you?

cconontactact@@@ethth-mixer.dlF.ctO.@om - Please consider encrypting your message using our public key from the next FAQ section.

What's your PGP public key?

You can view it on the contact page.